How to take care of long hair?

How to take care of long hairLong hair has been a symbol of femininity for centuries. It is no wonder that each of us dreams of long, healthy and shiny hair. It’s not a problem just to grow your hair. The problem arises later – long hair requires proper care. Hairstyle of your dreams may easily turn into a nightmare. What do you do to enjoy a beautiful and healthy hairstyle every day? How to make your hair always look impeccable?

If you do not have long hair or your hair grows only to a certain point, read the article about the best home ways to grow hair..

The way you wash your hair is important

You ask, how can you spoil such a simple activity? Contrary to appearances, most of us wash your hair in an incorrect way. A gentle massage of the head accelerates the blood circulation and helps in cleansing the skin near the roots of the hair. Apply the conditioner to the entire length of the hair. which will close the hair cuticles and restore its natural glow. After a few minutes, rinse your hair with lukewarm or cool water. High water temperature will make your hair become dry.

Too frequent head washing flushes out natural oils that nourish and protect your hair. The more often you reach for a shampoo the more your hair become dependant on chemical ingredients. Washing your hair using a dry shampoo no more than three times a week is optimal.

A good hairbrush? It’s not that simple

We brush our hair every day. It’s not a surprise that choosing the right brush is an important step for long hair care. Using a wrong brush damages the structure of the hair and makes it weak and brittle. Holders of long hair should look for brushes with natural bristles, which minimize friction during hair combing. What’s more, they do not tangle nor rip individual strands. Special combs with widely spaced teeth are best suited for combing wet hair.

Another question, how do you brush your hair? The traditional top-down method is not optimal. Change your habits and next time start combing from the ends and systematically move up.

Take care of your hair even when you are asleep

Always remember about your hair! Even when you lay down to bed and close your eyes after a long day’s work. Did you know that your hair can be damaged even at night, especially if you suffer from sleep problems and you are prone to frequent position changes? Whipping your hair in a gentle braid or buying new, silk pillows is a solution here.

Protect your hair from high temperature

Rinsing your hair with hot water is one of many factor that badly affect your hair. High temperature is bad for it – drying, straightening, using a curling iron… None of these steps does not give comfort to your hair so it is important to provide some additional protection. Olive oil, almond oil or shea butter will fullfill the task. They create a natural protective barrier, ensuring smoothness, preventing damage and frizzing of hair.

Stay hydrated

Our body consists of 80% of water, which is used to regulate the life processes. It’s our task to supplement it on a regular basis. Daily water drinking has many advantages. One of them is to give your hair the proper level of hydration.

Od dziecka interesowały mnie fryzury i stylizacje włosów. Swoje życie zawodowe związałam ze swoją pasją. Od prawie 10 lat zajmuję się zagadnieniami związanymi z pielęgnacją włosów, ich wypadaniem czy metodami ich wzmacniania. Dzięki współpracy z Dr Hair mogę podzielić się swoimi doświadczeniami oraz wiedzą.


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How to take care of long hair How to take care of long hair?

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